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Activist Syllabi

Liboiron, Max. (2016). “Action-based research methodologies.”

An annotated bibliography on action-based research methods and methodologies, for qualitative and quantitative research in the natural and social sciences. Themes include social justice ethics, environmental health, power relations, social movements, decolonization, feminism, Marxism, militant activist, participation, and collaboration. Created by graduate students at Memorial and maintained by Max Liboiron.

NYC Stands with Standing Rock Collective (2016). “#StandingRock Syllabus.”

This syllabus situates the contemporary struggle at Standing Rock in a broader historical, political, economic, and social context, focusing on the work of Indigenous and allied activists and scholars in the social sciences (anthropologists, historians, environmental scientists, and legal scholars). It includes texts on settler colonialism, Indigenous history of North America, policing and violence, gender, sexuality, and Indigenous lifeways, gender violence and settler colonialism, Indigenous activism and contemporary struggles, environmental racism and dispossession, resources and infrastructures, environmental struggles.

Roberts, Frank Leon. (2016). “Black Lives Matter Syllabus.”

This syllabus situates the contemporary Black Lives Matter movement to four broader phenomena: the rise of the U.S. prison industrial complex, the role of the media in perpetuating racism, the neoliberal political environment under the Obama administration, and the history of black struggles in the U.S. Sub-themes include ethics, coalition politics, black feminist and LGBTQ underpinnings of the movement, links with the U.S. civil rights movement, and the dynamics of millennial and post-millennial generation activism.

Hassan, Huda. (2016). “Black Lives Canada Syllabus.”

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protest at Toronto Pride, this syllabus focuses on systemic racism in Canada, situating it historically in the context of black life and black Canadian history.